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February 12th, 2006 (09:37 pm)

Autumn Update:
Ok first off, Im in a crappy mood, baah! I am so neglected ._. ...
second of all I already did my rotation, but erased it due to overwhelming stupidity
and three, again I am in no mood for commenting, which is probibly for the better.
Nuff bout me, lets go to the music

Qwik info: Rotation is all my favortist songs from my favortist bands


Rules my friend, we all know them, but due to the ignorance of SOME people (like me) they don't always follow the rules.

~1~ Delete all songs 24-48 hours after download
~2~ Do your best to support the artists, thank you
~3~ Not a rule, but i sure do love comments*hint hint*


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Band: Vidoll
Song: Heroine


I love this song, plus all the great orgasm noises, LOVE IT!!


Image hosting by Photobucket

Band: Gilgamesh
Song: Uso
3:19 minutes/4.56mb/192kbps

Im addicted to this song, Every frikin inch of it! - Autumn's Pick


Image hosting by Photobucket

Band: Deathgaze
Song: Sinner

Another favorite song from a favorite band. pardon the band pictures, im in a rush.


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Band: Rurutia
Song: Bokura no hakoniwa

I am so totally inlove with this song. Its so beautiful and soft. It makes me quite sad listening to it, and its a personal theme song for myself ehehehe^^;;.
Its a nice little instrumental. Highly recommended*****


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Band: Deadman
Song: Aesthenia Bullet Stain

I had a hard time choosing which deadman song to put out, i don't think they have ever made a song i didn't like. But i chose this one, Deadman is one of my favorite bands of all time.


Image hosting by Photobucket

Band: Dir En Grey
Song: Itoshisa was fuhai ni tsuki

Diru is one of my top favortist bands EVAR!... now there are so many diru haters, im not sure if i should be sad for the band or happy for me, oh well i love them dearly, and having every song ever made by them, it was ever so hard to decide.

(no subject)

January 27th, 2006 (08:08 pm)

First up, The rule here is Delete the song! Common Courtesy.
Second, i would really appreciate comments on the songs, helps motivate my lazy arse.
Three: I think the songs only have six days, i tried to update yesterday but i deleted everything so i did it today.
Four: Im not in a very good commenting area again.
Now .. On to the good stuff

Cream ~Hide~ Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex-be human-Ost

I have mixed feelings when listening to this song. Its so beautiful,and i can't decide whether i am happy and laid back or sad and nostalgic. First off it starts with this kind of mechanical noise, then adds drums and acoustic guitar,Then Hide's voice, which is always wonderful and then all together with a childish, yet pretty girls voice starting up with the nananananana~ so: Mechanical noises+acoustic guitar+hide+ orchestra = Mad love.:D

Last in my Winds/Unknown reality ~ WeiB Kruez Piano Instrumentals/Zazel

I bought a WeiB Kreuz c.d a year or two ago, Piano Instrumentals, but when i ripped it to the computer all the songs and artist changed. To Stella ~ Zazel ~ and things like this song (last in my winds) changed to Unknown reality. I'm guessing that Zazel did the instrumentals of the original songs and named them his own .. It confuzzeled me. Oh well -
This is one my favorites .. if not the favorite of mine off this c.d.( I'm a sucker for piano XD) . I think the violins are beautiful, the synthesizer kind of bothers me some times but in this song like it. Over all a beautiful track.

Toumei Nakago ~ Vidoll

This song has a kind of retro-fifties-guitar stuck through it. Well in my opinion anyway. The vocals are gorgeous, especially the high notes*drools* Vidoll is one of my all time favorite bands. Well check them out for yourself K.

Girls, Be ambitious ~ Miyavi

You know, i really neglect precious Miyavi. And listening to this song reminded me. I mean with his interesting a wide scale vocals, creepy noises, beautiful mouth and cat like eyes he is LOVE! What is that you say? Autumn that was creepy? ... sorry ..
Point is you know the guy, love the song so click it :D

Higeki wa me futa wo oroshita yasashiki ~ Dir En Grey

Off of Diru's newest album 'Withering to Death' released MArch 9th 2005. One of my top favorites for Diru. Softer than usual with catchy drums and wonderful vocals. Not the usual, but great anyways. Check it out.

Storm ~ Gackt

Off diablos, a strange - as usual - Gackt song. I personally adore gackt and all that he does. This song is a mixture of many things. Kind a rockish, kinda hip hop-y and uh ..piano-y
(pats self on back) Good job Autumn ...

Oyoge! taiyaki-kun ~ MUCC

Now i am not the biggest fan of MUCC
there is, but thats not to say i don't like them. This songs beginning sounds .. devious haha. Naah im just paranoid and a bit neurotic*shifts eyes*. But i like this song alot, its catchy but not in a super happy way. I lurve the guitars and the vocals or luverly as well. and. ya.

Alterna~ Ayumi Hamasaki

You all know her you all love her. ITS Ayu! Now here is another artist i love but completely forget about from time to time. This song is gorgeous. Her vocals are always beautiful and unique. The orchestrated backing music and the guitar bits(which are also her vocals :O) go so well together, words cannot describe how much i adore this song.

A Swell in the sun ~ L'arc en Ceil

XD ahahahahaha! I love this song so much, besides the addicting awesomness of the song, It sounds like Hyde says " I swell in the sun." Lol how perfect!
On that note, i think i am going to stop commenting for today judging on my past failures and just stop haha.

you know what to do .. delete the songs .. Do IT!

(no subject)

January 9th, 2006 (10:40 pm)

The First Rotation For Child Of Decay. Woot. Today Its Going To Be Only I, Your Humble Host Giving You The Goods So Lets Follow the magical bunny down The Road Of Jrock Enlightenment...

Rotation # 1 ~
Autumn's Picks.

12012 ~ Gallows
2.97mb/3:14 minutes

Ahh Ichi Ni Zero Ichi Ni, what did i do before i found you? This song is mini-headbanging heaven.
Miyawaki Wataru's vocals are great in this one i think. His little screamy bits are awesome, and even though i lurv 12012 to bits, you can't deny that miyawaki's voice can sometimes grate on you, which is why i adore this song so much. The beginning when the guitars and that catchy riff start, his voice does that little .. suuuuohhwurrrrr thing.. mua! love you guys.

Moi Dix Moi ~ Forbidden
5.51mb/3:20 minutes

This was my first MDM song i ever heard. The style is like that of Malice Mizer, but slightly different. Mana's affinity for hard guitars and the harpsicord, goes great together. Since i personally adore the harpsicord, i adore MDM. This song was made back when Juka's was still singing. In my opinion Juka sounded like Gackt, Hyde and Klaha all mixed together in one yummi little bundle ..ok ill stop. This song is great for singing along to as well. *Singing* " My Dis, Your Dis". If thats truly is what he is saying.

Due Le Quartz ~ Merry

Due Le Quartz is so hard to find. I asked my friend to send me a song, and here is what i got. The sheep noise in the beginning is alittle odd .. but its goes into not so bad vocals with cool, smooth sounding electric rayaahyas in the back. The really high pitched screaching from the guitar hurts alittle if your wearing earphones like i am, be warned.Not a bad song .. is it just me or am i really not good a describing things tonight.

Silent Hill 3 ~ Your Not Here

Now, Let me tell you alittle secret. I love Anime and Game soundtracks. No .. Love is not a strong enough word. Live for .. thats better. So expect more of these songs too. Anyhoo. This is to the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack, the second song on the C.D. and its great. Not something you would really expect from a game like that but awesome none the less. The womans vocals (don't know her name XD) are great, I love her voice. The lyrics are very good.. AND ALL IN ENGLISH TOO :O, I think they are pretty, but easy to learn, so start singing it.:D Plus the guitars are calming too. Another great sing along.

XJapan ~ Kurenai

The song starts with beautiful guitars that remind me of something Metallica would do, and continue with sad, lovely singing, then breaks into harder, more X like music. Its quite a long song, but hey its Xjapan we are talking about, so a 6 minute song is nothing for them. I quite like this song alot. It makes you tap your head along witht he beat. The whole song, the vocals are well contained. One of my favourite X songs.

Devendra Banhart.

This is a very personal song for me so i decided to add it for my first rotation. My very close friend Luna dedicated this song to me, she said it remind her of me. This song is quite melencholy and beautiful, the slow piano in the background followed by Devendra's unusually beautiful voice singing soft soulful lyrics.
I think she told me he was half Spanish, Half european.One of my all time favourite songs.

Remember The Rules People. Delete after 24 hours and buy the c.d. DO IT!

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